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We provide and extensive selection of film types, structures and finishes with a range of barrier properties.

Processable through Horizontal & Vertical Form, Fill and Seal packing machinery with  excellent gloss, stiffness, sealing properties, including oxygen and moisture vapour barrier.

Substrates generally include PE, BOPP, CPP, NYLON, PET, Metalised PET, APET, FOIL, PAPER and many more.

All our packaging is fully customizable to suit your requirements and can be produced in varying finishes such as matte,gloss, and manymore.


Barrier films

Barrier films are essential in preserving product freshness, extending shelf life, and ensuring product enjoyment. This film layer prevents the passage of atmospheric gases, water vapor, and odour from entering or exiting the package. With high-barrier packaging, your product is protected from punctures and tears during transit and on and off the shelf. All our barrier films are FDA compliant for direct food contact.

Sustainable films

At Segapac, providing our customers with sustainable solutions is a top priority. We offer a variety of sustainable film options, including recyclable, Post Consumer Recycled (PCR), and compostable. We’re continuously invested to bring new eco-friendly options to market. To learn more about our sustainable packaging solutions,

Ducting Film

Available in different widths and rolls sizes

Metalised PET Duct Film

Aircon Ducting

Products we can supply for this market:

  • MPET
  • PET
  • Foil PET
  • Spring wire
  • HDPE resin
  • Plain AL foil

A unique combination of physical characteristics makes aluminium foil an essential material for the flexible packaging and industrial industries.


Products we can supply for this market:

  • Embossed foil for PIR panels
  • PET Fibre
  • Construction facings/membranes



Amorphous polyethylene terephthalate

APET Thermoform: eg. Clam shells, trays for fresh produce

APET is a type of PET and one of the best clear plastic materials for thermoformed packaging. APET is highly shiny and transparent clear plastic packaging. Its optimum use is for displaying food and non-food products on-shelf visual merchandising in retail.

This material is impact resistance, and chemical resistance, which makes it an excellent choice for forming clamshells, blisters, containers, trays and packing boxes.

We also have anti-fog coated apet films, Anti-static apet film, anti block coated apet film to suit high speed packing performance requirements.


Roll Products we can supply for this market:

  • APET
  • CPET
  • PP